I guide women on how to prosper &

create wealth. 

I combine my research, technical skills & intuition to support women who desire to claim their financial sovereignty. 


What I Do

With the support from the ascended masters of The Sophia Dragon Tribe, guidance from Tessa The Pleiadian, and other channeled information, I'm able to help women create wealth.

Tessa has chosen to share information from "the future" with me so that as a collective, at a time when the Divine Feminine is rising, we can anchor the frequencies of prosperity consciousness & create our new earth now.

Let's create our Heaven on Earth. Much love, Nikki

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Nikki has a background in nursing & public health. She has experience as a registered nurse in tertiary hospitals & community health settings specialising in Indigenous Health (Australia) as well as program/project management for various health organisations including not-for-profit, health education & government.

After her heart attack scare at the age of 28, she was guided to follow her intuition & redefine her role as a healer. She went on to gain qualifications & experience in yoga, sound healing, meditation & reiki.

Birthing 2 babies brought up the desire for financial freedom & with it, independent study in the online business sphere & the quantum financial system. Nikki desires to help other women create their own financial freedom in a way that taps into their own intuition & then move from a place of balancing their Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine.